Friday, April 18, 2008

Baby Mama Preview Clips

Baby Mama is an upcoming comedy movie starring Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Those two gals will bring you a good laugh for sure.

Check the Baby Mama preview clips here below, you'll understand better what I mean:

Kate meets with Chaffee

Angie and Carl talk to Kate in her appartment.

Kate tries to get angie to swallow a vitamin.

Angie watches America's funniest home video.

Kate accuses Angie of sticking gum under her table.

Angie having a pee...

Chaffes tries to council Kate and angie.

Kate and Angie at the birthing class.

The teacher says to stretch the perineum.

Angie throws a trash can at the car windshield.

Those preview clips of Baby Mama make me confident in this movie success. I'll go watch it.


Baby VerdGriff said...

I went and saw this movie and thought it was hilarious...I am a new mom too, so some of the lines really hit home.

For any women that have seen it, can you remember what the most hilarious line was been Fey and Poehler? I think they were talking in the bedroom. Thanks!